Grey’s Anatomy season 13
Meredith warns Alex about his criminal actions that put Andrew's life in peril ABC

The doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital are returning to ABC with Grey's Anatomy season 13 on Thursday (22 September). A lot of drama is expected from the premiere episode titled Undo after the season 12 finale and now show creator Shonda Rhimes has teased "big consequences" for Alex.

Click here to watch the episode live on ABC's official website. The premiere episode will air at 8/7 pm CT.

In last season's finale, the resident doctor of Grey Sloan attacks Andrew DeLuca in a fit of rage without even trying to know why he was with Jo. DeLuca ends up in hospital with serious injuries. In the same episode, Jo had rejected Alex's proposal and had opened up to DeLuca about why she rejected Alex.

"There are going to be some really big consequences," Rhimes told Entertainment Weekly explaining what is to come in the next season.

On Alex's vulnerable state after the rejection, Rhimes said: "To find himself in this position I think is just interesting for him as a character because he is in this place of growth. He is a character who every single time he has become involved with a woman, that woman has, in some way, destroyed him. We are going to watch what happens for him now and how that challenges him and changes him."

The show creator also teased trouble in Meredith's love life. In the previous season, she appeared to be attracted to Nathan Riggs. Her sister Maggie had already slept with Riggs. Addressing rumours of a love triangle Rhimes said: "I never thought of it as being a love triangle. It's not really a love triangle. For a love triangle to be a love triangle, I think all three people have to actually be involved. A. I don't know that she's in love. B. I think she's taking care of her sister and that's part of it. She's now got an actual family that she's surrounded herself with, and now she feels responsible for them."