The Weeknd and Drake
The Weeknd and Drake are said to be feuding over Bella Hadid Nicholas Hunt/Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images

The Weeknd seems to be very protective about his former girlfriend Bella Hadid.

The 21-year-old model was said to be "crushing" on Drake despite a warning from her sister Gigi Hadid and friends about his "player" ways.

The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, too is reportedly worried about Bella dating the One Dance singer because of his "player" image.

Selena Gomez's 27-year-old boyfriend is said to be "upset" as he thinks Drake is toying with Bella Hadid's emotions.

"[The Weeknd] likes Drake but is really upset that he's playing with Bella [Hadid]'s heart. Abel is actually fine with Drake dating her if that's what he really wants. But only if he intends on stepping up and treating her with respect," a source told HollywoodLife.

"[The Weeknd] doesn't want Drake dating Bella if he's going to continue being a player. Abel knows all about how Drake loves them and leaves them, breaking girls' hearts all over the world. He wants Drake to know, Bella isn't another notch on his belt. Abel told him if he likes her and really wants to give it a shot then do it, but don't play games! She's too good of a person for that," the source added.

Page Six is also reporting that there is tension between the Canadian-born singers over Bella. The report says that as the musicians "hang in the same Toronto crew and now they're having to pick sides".

"The Weeknd performed and people on Drake's side were like, 'I can't show up to that . . . Got to have allegiance,'" an insider told the celebrity news website. "They aren't getting along right now . . . The groups are beefing because [Drake] broke the bro code. They 100 percent hooked up."

The Weeknd and Bella split in November 2016.