iPhone 7 DIY experiment video dual camera
A YouTuber has taken apart two iPhone 6S units with power tools to create a real-life render of what the iPhone 7 could look like. PeripateticPandas

Smartphone tutorial videos are ten a penny on YouTube, but a ten-step guide entitled 'How-to turn your iPhone 6S into iPhone 7' is possibly the most barmy experiment we have seen in a while.

Taking cues from the swathes of iPhone 7 rumours flooding the internet, a power-tool wielding wizard has torn down a pair of innocent iPhone 6S smartphones, only to put it back together in a way that resembles a rough approximation of what the iPhone 7 could look – like based on reports and speculation.

The first part of the DIY experiment is titled "eliminate the headphone jack", which is achieved by filling in the audio port with a soldering iron. While the mooted removal of the headphone jack has been widely criticised by some iPhone fans who would prefer the 3.5mm jack remained in place, those same fans can at least find some comfort in the fact that it is very unlikely that Apple will follow the haphazard method suggested in this video.

The iPhone 6S then receives an extra trio of drilled holes in the base of the phone to reflect the rumoured dual speakers, before the 'engineer' turns their attention to a second iPhone. The smartphone surgeon takes an angle grinder to the additional iPhone 6S – removing the camera unit and leaving a triangular gap on the poor, poor phone. The camera module is then "installed" on the main device (stuck on with glue) to appear like the dual-camera unit that has also been rumoured for Apple's 2016 flagship phone.

YouTube / PeripateticPandas

While recent speculation has suggested Apple will introduce a 'Space Black' colour option for the iPhone 7, the hue chosen for the Frankenstein-phone is the rumoured 'Deep Blue' variant. After a careful bit of masking tape placement, the phone is covered in spray paint giving the final product a close resemblance to the many renders swirling around on social media.

The impressive, but quite silly, DIY experiment appears to have been conducted in public on the iconic Liberty Bridge in Budapest. Quite what locals and tourists made of the 'tutorial' is anyone's guess.

While it almost goes without saying, we do not recommend you try this out at home, in public or anywhere else for that matter, and instead wait for an official announcement from Apple before the iPhone 7's likely release later this year.