Eve Jobs
Eve Jobs attends XQ Super School Live presented by EIF at Barker Hangar in 2017 Getty

Being a celebrity kid is not easy, but Steve Jobs' youngest daughter has managed to come out of her famous father's shadows and create an identity of her own. At 19, Eve Jobs is not only a student at the prestigious Stanford University – where her parents met – but has also made a name for herself with her equestrian skills.

So far, the teenager has competed in several national and international-level competitions and just last year she was named "rider of the month". The honour came her way after she competed in the Amateur-Owner division in the East Conference of the Show Jumping Hall of Fame Jumper Classic Series, as per reports.

If her riding resume is impressive, the list of Eve's peers – who are also invested in the equestrian sport like her – is even more star-studded and includes names such as Jennifer Gates (daughter of Bill Gates), Bruce Springsteen's daughter Jessica, and 21-year-old Destry Allyn, the daughter of filmmaker Steven Spielberg.

And all of this – from her high-flying lifestyle to her several accomplishments – is reflected in her numerous social media uploads.

According to reports, Eve's Instagram account is a mix of pictures of her on horseback, with her friends or with her equestrian boyfriend Eugenio Garza Pérez.

The couple, who frequently share romantic pictures from their exotic trips, reportedly met during one of the competitions.

As it turns out, just like Eve, her boyfriend, who hails from Monterrey in Mexico, is also from a famous entrepreneurial family and is the great-grandson of Eugenio Garza Sada, the president of Visa Group.

Meanwhile, Eve – who is quite popular in the equestrian sports scene – is known to train with Missy Clark at her $15m (£11m) ranch in Wellington, Florida. The property was bought by Jobs' widow, billionaire investor Laurene Powell-Jobs in 2016, almost five years after the tech tycoon's death after battling pancreatic cancer.

"[Steve's] private legacy with me and the kids is that of husband and father. And we miss him every day," said Powell in a rare interview about her late husband.

Eve Jobs
Eve Jobs at the XQ Super School Live Getty