After a year hiatus MineCon – the world's only official Minecraft convention – is returning this summer, on the weekend of 4-5 July, and it's coming to London's ExCeL Centre.

Tickets will go on sale later this month on a date to be announced by developers Mojang "in the next two weeks" – but some details have been announced ahead of time so the game's enormous, worldwide fanbase can prepare.

Tickets will be sold through Mojang's Minecon site. How much tickets will cost was also revealed, with the British Sterling and Euro prices based on conversion rates as of late November 2014.

  • $150.00 – $160.00 (US)
  • £95.80 - £102.19
  • €121.06 - €129.13

Tickets will be sold through Eventbrite, meaning that an additional $9.24 charge will be added to the main ticket cost.

There will be two batches of 5,000 tickets sold on the same day as to "accommodate for people's schedules" and naturally they're expected to sell out fast, which brings us on to some tips and tricks for beating what is sure to be an almighty rush.

This will save a lot of time. Do it now as the closer we get to the sale date the harder Eventbrite is going to be hit.

  • Use a laptop or PC.

Try not to use a smartphone or tablet if you can help it.

  • Make sure nothing is hogging your internet bandwidth.

If you're downloading anything, pause it. Make sure nothing is clogging your web tubes.

  • Have your details ready.

Another time saver. Have your bank details, contact details and address in a plain text file ready to copy and paste for maximum efficiency.

  • Don't refresh in a queue.

If you're told you are in a queue then resist the temptation to refresh the page as it will probably reset your place in the (sure to be very long) queue.