Last year Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot revealed that his company is sitting on an unannounced but finished Wii U title until Nintendo's console amasses enough sales to make the game's release more viable.

Now that game has been revealed, and it's a party game called Know Your Friends.

Details regarding the game were unearthed by Unseen 64 on their Patreon-backer exclusive podcast (via Eurogamer).

Know Your Friends was developed by Ubisoft Paris, who previously developed Red Steel and the Just Dance series of party games. The game sees players answer questions about their friends such as, "Who is most likely to invite others out to eat?"

The questions get more socially awkward and risqué from there. Players are asked what their friends do after drinking too much, which part of the female anatomy they look at first and – genuinely – the validity of using torture in difficult times.

So it's a party game, but with an adult flavour, which resulted in an ESRB (US) rating of T for Teen.

A video showing off the game was later released by Nintendo World Report, which you can watch below.

The video shows off a game utilising a paper craft aesthetic and a modern soundtrack, making clear its young adult audience.

Ubisoft's plans for Know Your Friends aren't entirely clear as of yet, but seeing as it is finished it seems unlikely that we'll never see it. A lot rests on sales of the Wii U – which are steady but not spectacular.

Another possibility is that the game is being ported to other consoles to further help Ubisoft's sales concerns, but that is merely speculation on our part.