A Gloucester man who practically decapitated a teenage boy with a machete following a pub row will serve a minimum 28 years in prison following his conviction for murder. Ewen Reynolds, 45, killed 19-year-old Zac Evans in the car park of a pub in the Tuffley area of the city on 24 January 2015. Reynolds was also convicted of the attempted murder of Zac's friend Keaton Jones. He had denied both charges.

The incident occurred following an argument in the Pike and Musket pub in the Tuffley area of Gloucester when Jones's girlfriend Abbie Wood stumbled into Reynolds' wife Nicola and a row developed between the two groups. The argument spilled into the car park and Reynolds took a 24 inch (60 cm) machete he habitually carried from his van. Property developer Reynolds attacked Evans with such force it severed blood vessels and broke his jawbone. Reynolds then attacked Jones, 23, scarring him for life before calmly walking away. Decorator Evans, who had proposed to his girlfriend the night before, died almost instantly.

Jailing the father-of-three Reynolds for a minimum 28 years at Bristol Crown Court Judge Mr Justice Mark Warby QC said: "You struck Zac Evans with a vicious, fatal blow with your machete, which almost severed his head. You left him dead or dying in a pool of his own blood. You were in control of your actions. You only had one drink in the pub. You can be seen on the CCTV strolling away with the machete swinging casually from your right hand."

In an impact statement Zac's mother Sylvia told court how she had rushed to the scene to find her son dead. "Zac was a lively, charismatic, energetic and wonderfully funny young man," she said. "I miss his smile and laughter every second of every day. He had everything going for him.

"Since Zac's murder all our lives have been totally destroyed. Our lovely son, Nathan's twin brother, is no longer alive and we will never see him, hold him, kiss him or see his cheeky smile again. Reynolds meant to murder. He gave no thought to anyone but himself. As a mum you're meant to be there for your children and make things safe. One evil man, Ewen Reynolds, has totally ruined our lives."