Zoella, Alfie and Joe Sugg

Vloggers Zoella, Alfie Deyes and Joe Sugg have created sheer mania in London today (23 August). For the first time, the YouTube stars have opened a pop-up store in Covent Garden selling a wide variety of items from their individual merchandise collections – but visitors are in for a long day as Alfie has warned there is a four-hour queue.

For 12 days only between 23 August and 3 September, fans and subscribers of Zoella, 27, Alfie, 23, and Joe, 25, will have the opportunity to buy limited-edition merchandise, which is not available online. The big draw is that many of the products combine the logos of Zoella and Joe's Sugg Life brand with Alfie's Pointless Blog range, creating the joint venture of SL x PB.

Being three of the most popular YouTube vloggers in the UK, boasting around 29 million subscribers combined, it was expected that demand for the pop-up shop would be high. However, many fans were not expecting to queue for four hours.

Just a few hours after opening at 10am on launch day, Alfie warned: "The queue is currently 4 hours long!! might be worth coming another day! We are open for 12 days remember."

Reacting to the extreme delay, one fan pointed out that many young visitors would have spent a lot of money travelling to London, replying to Alfie: "So many people travelled from manchester which 1) is expensive on train 2) so far away, people can't just come back."

Sharing a similar sentiment, another agreed: "I wish I could come but train tickets are cheapest £169 to london for me."

Some were already in the queue and hoped for the best, tweeting: "We r in the que! We aren't giving up," while another admitted: "Tbh it'd be worth waiting."

Another added: "I'm in the queue and have been waiting for 2 and a half hours actually can't wait."

Remaining optimistic, one enthused: "Still in the queue even tho I didn't see you I'm still so excited to get the merch."

Realising that some shoppers were visiting simply to meet the YouTube sensations, one commented: "Everyone will turn up today cause they know your all there."

Not everyone was planning to travel down as one unenthusiastic follower countered: "No offence but I'm glad I'm not there."

Zalfie and Joe had spent days teasing viewers about their exciting project before making the official announcement. After finally sharing the news, Alfie said in one vlog: "You've seen how busy I've been in the vlogs recently and I have been working my butt off with the team and Zoe and Joe, with the Creator Store team in London, to have a physical shop for this release.

"I'm going to be there probably every single day. Me, Zoe and Joe are all going to be popping in at ad-hoc moments... It is literally going to be crazy. Don't worry, there's loads of security so it's going to be safe."

Among the merchandise available are iPhone cases, signed posters, pop sockets, tote bags, T-shirts, hoodies and free stickers. If you're lucky, you may have the chance to catch Zalfie and Joe working behind the till at the pop-up store, which is open between 10am-6pm Monday to Friday and 10am-4pm on Sunday.

Watch Alfie announce the Sugg Life and Pointless Blog merchandise pop-up store: