A zoo in China has installed a television in order to entertain a lonely panda. Sijia the panda had stopped eating properly and seemed depressed after her companion was moved to another zoo, so the worried staff at Yunnan Wild Animal Park turned to TV as a solution.

The TV shows footage of her former friend Meixi, and the two of them playing together when they first arrived at the zoo.

Staff member Bai Tuo said the changes have had a positive effect.

"Today Sijia is in a much better state than before. When she comes out she naturally climbs on the swing and just starts swinging, and proactively climbs up on the bars. But if it had been in that period before, sometimes she would have just laid on the platform not moving at all."

Swings, bars and panda puppets have also been added to Sijia's enclosure in order to cheer her up.