Apple Watch
The Apple Watch starts at £299 and prices go all the way up to £13,500 IBTimes UK

Today (24 April) Apple has released their first ever wearable piece of tech. The Apple Watch is the smartwatch people have been waiting for, eager to see what the tech pioneers can offer the booming market.

For all its health, lifestyle and time-telling applications, the Apple Watch also represents another platform for video games to dominate much like they dominated smartphones upon their rise. Some 20 games are available to download upon release, and we've selected five of the games that look best.


Apple Watch Lifeline game
Screenshots from Lifeline. 3 Minute Games

Probably the most interesting game on Apple Watch right now is Lifeline. Developed by 3 Minute Games, this is a "branching story of survival against the odds" in which the player helps a character make life of death decisions in a choose-you-own style adventure.

View Lifeline on the App Store.


Apple Watch Runeblade
Screenshots from Runeblade. Everywear Games

Runeblade calls itself "the first fantasy adventure for Apple Watch". In it players are given quick missions to complete and enemies to defeat, including "Unholy Deer", which has to be one of the finest enemy names in recent gaming history. What did it do to become unholy?

View Runeblade on the App Store.


Apple Watch Hatchi
Screenshots from Hatchi. Portable Pixels

Given its size, smartwatches are the perfect platform for a Tamagotchi revival and Hatchi is one of the game's attempting to bring back the virtual pet-style of game, all wrapped up in a retro look for all the nostalgia-loving 90s kids out there.

View Hatchi on the App Store.


Apple Watch Letterpad
Screenshots from Letterpad. NimbleBit

Letterpad has been a popular smartphone game for a few years now, so it makes that an Apple Watch version has been made. The premise is simple: players are given nine letters and are tasked with spelling out as many words as they can.

View Letterpad on the App Store.


Apple Watch Rules game
Screenshots from Rules. TheCodingMonkeys

Another old favourite that could find renewed popularity on smartwatches are brain-training games. Rules is a particularly stylish one coming to Apple Watch which gives you a daily mental workout a little more fun than Sudoku.

View Rules! on the App Store.