The Beyhive have wanted to get inside the mind of their queen Beyonce for years and their wish has finally been granted. The Flawless singer has shared her innermost thoughts on a range of topics including sex, fashion, her daughter Blue Ivy and competition with her fellow pop stars.

The 34-year-old appears to have given up on conducting interviews in recent months so instead, chose to play the word association game with the US magazine for its CALIFUK series. In her own handwriting, Beyonce provides a one-word answer alongside each topic for the brainstorm which Flaunt has described as a "thought-stirring psychoanalytic exercise".

Showing her personality, the 7/11 singer wrote "middle finger" next to a smiley face with a tongue sticking out when asked for her thoughts on "competition", while she commented "overused" alongside "iconic". Although she was, until August 2015, the most followed celebrity on Instagram, Beyonce says social media is "polluted" and thinks politeness is "underrated".

Proving her reputation as one of the hardest working artists in showbiz, Beyonce says she stays in the recording studio until or perhaps even beyond 4am while proudly describing her three-year-old daughter Blue Ivy as confident. Interestingly, the singer appears to second-guess her opinion on celebrities by writing "bipolar" but then crossing it out. It also appears that the Grammy-winner keeps an entire room for her wigs and weaves by revealing that her "hair closet" is "overpopulated".

While she is notoriously guarded about her personal life, the former Destiny's Child star, who is married to rapper Jay Z, associates cosmopolitan with "sex tips" in reference to the women's magazine. In the accompanying photo shoot for the magazine, the singer goes topless in one shot while in another, she wears a two-piece bikini which features the phrase: "Baby got back".

The word association game is the first time in almost two years that Beyonce has spoken to a publication as it appears she stopped giving interviews. The Single Ladies hitmaker graced the cover of Vogue's September 2015 issue but fans were surprised to find that an interview was not conducted.