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Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn walks towards the Houses of Parliament in London Rob Stothard/ Getty Images
  • Spate of resignations from shadow cabinet
  • Jeremy Corbyn under pressure to resign
  • Lucy Powell says Corbyn's position 'untenable'
  • John McDonnell: 'Corbyn is going nowhere'
  • Corbyn cancels shadow cabonet meeting Monday
  • Brexit fallout continues as political crisis grips UK

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Here's a recap of today's events that saw mass walk outs from the shadow cabinet, with resignations coming from Heidi Alexander, Ian Murray, Lord Charlie Falconer, Seema Malhotra, Vernon Coaker, Gloria de Piero, Karl Turner, Lilian Greenwood, Lucy Powell and Kerry McCarthy.

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Read Karl Turner's resignation letter in full:


Shadow Business Secretary Angela Eagle has not stepped down from her post, according to reports.


Karl Turner has issued his resignation letter in full. Like many of his colleagues who stepped down today, Turner says that Corbyn is a man of principle and dedication, but:

It has become increasingly clear that you do not hold the support of the shadow cabinet and the wider Parliamentary Labour Party. After the result of the referendum, the country is calling out for strong leadership and opposition to this vicious Tory government right now.


Damian McBride, adviser to Emily Thornberry has weighed in on the mass shadow cabinet resignations. Here's what he had to say (or tweet):

A reminder that the shadow defence secretary said earlier today that she has no plans to resign - and neither does the Labour leader. Speaking on Sky News earlier, Thornberry said:

He's not going to stand down. He has been elected less than a year ago on a huge mandate. The one electoral test that he's had - the straight electoral test on the local elections, he did well. We did well as a party. We have now got our country turned upside down and inside out with no idea of where we're going now, we do not go for a leadership challenge now.


Tomorrow's shadow cabinet meeting is reportedly cancelled. Here's why:


Karl Turner becomes the tenth member of the shadow cabinet to resign.


Labour MP Seema Malhotra says she does not see today's wave of shadow cabinet resignations as a "plot".

Speaking on Sky News, the MP for Feltham and Heston said:

What it's about for me is doing the right thing for the country and the party. We need to be a strong and effective opposition - that's our job. [...] We need to be a strong voice at the table in the post-referendum debate to make sure that we've got the best decisions being made and the best deal for Britain going forward in our new relationship with Europe. And I believe it's absolutely vital for Labour's voice to be strong at that table.


Diane Abbott says the idea of parliament voting down the referendum result is "quite wrong." She adds: "We have to respect the will of the people."

In case you missed it, Labour MP David Lammy urged parliament to "wake up" and resist the referendum decision to leave the EU. In yesterday's plea, the MP for Tottenham said that parliament should hold a vote on the matter.

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A BBC Question Time special is being broadcast now. The following are on the panel:

Hackney MP, Diane Abbott
Broxtowe MP, Anna Soubry
SNP MP for Gordon, Alex Salmond
Justice Minister, Dominic Raab
UKIP's Paul Nuttall
South London priest, Giles Fraser


Let's briefly turn our attention to the Tory leadership crisis, because Theresa May is reportedly canvassing support and is expected to announce her leadership bid in the coming days.


Shadow Scottish Secretary Ian Murray says Jeremy Corbyn has to ask himself whether he can realistically see himself as the prime minister.

Speaking to the BBC, Murray said:

"I think Jeremy Corbyn has to look at himself seriously in the mirror and see if he sees himself walking down Downing Street as being prime minister, whether or not there's a general election in six months, or in May 2020. I think he's going to find it very difficult to answer yes to those questions - regrettably. He's a decent human being, a lovely man who I got on incredibly well with, but he just can't lead the Labour Party and I don't think the public think he could be prime minister."


Tom Watson's statement in full, courtesy of the Daily Mirror.

I was deeply disappointed to see Hilary Benn sacked in the early hours of this morning, and equally saddened that so many talented, able and hardworking colleagues felt they had to leave the Shadow Cabinet.
My single focus is to hold the Labour Party together in very turbulent times. The nation needs an effective opposition, particularly as the current leadership of the country is so lamentable.
It's very clear to me that we are heading for an early general election and the Labour Party must be ready to form a government. There's much work to do. I will be meeting Jeremy Corbyn tomorrow morning to discuss the way forward.

No word on his favourite acts at Glastonbury as yet.


Lord Charlie Falconer has resigned.


Tom Watson appears to have broken his silence on the recent sacking of Hilary Benn and the resignations.


It is interesting how organised the day's resignations have been - a steady trickle, designed to inflict the maximum amount of pressure on Jeremy Corbyn. He can't really announce replacements to his cabinet because he doesn't know who else is likely to resign. A lot of speculation about who could be next.


The Labour MP Simon Danczuk, who is not Jeremy Corbyn's biggest fan it has to be said, is offering his services...


According to The Telegraph, Sigmar Gabriel, the German vice-chancellor, is taking a tough line on Brexit negotiations. His quote:

"The British have now decided to go. We will not hold talks about what the EU can still offer the Britons to keep them in. It is clear: You can't be a bit pregnant. Nor have half a partnership."


Arron Banks, the millionaire Ukip donor who funded the unofficial Leave.EU campaign, deploying the charm for which he is famed.


A message from our senior political reporter Ian Silvera.

Corbyn will appoint shadow cabinet "as soon as possible", source close to leader tells me. Another says: "in due course".


Looks like Vernon Coaker has gone.


Dan Jarvis, Tom Watson or Chuka Umunna: Who could replace Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader?

IBT's own Orlando Crowcroft has all the odds.


It has gone 4:30pm and no further resignations yet...