Sign warns of the danger
A sign attached to a security fence warns people of the dangers of entering the EuroTunnel site, near to the tunnel entrance in Calais, France. Home Secretary Theresa May and French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve are set to meet in Calais on 20 August to discuss a new deal to tackle the growing migrant crisis. Reuters

As the Calais migrant crisis grows into a bigger challenge for the European Union, leaders from France and the UK are set to meet on 20 August to work on a new joint deal. Home Secretary Theresa May and French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve are set to agree on a new deal that will bring increased security around the migrant camps scattered around Calais.

The two leaders will visit the Eurotunnel and meet with charity organizations working with the migrants to discuss further humanitarian assistance, reported BBC News.

Amongst the issues that will be discussed, include effective ways to tackle human trafficking.

Over the last couple of months, freight and passenger traffic has also been largely disrupted by what is being described by British and French interior ministers as a "global migration crisis".

Earlier, May and French counterpart Cazeneuve had called for tough European Union action to tackle the migrant crisis calling it a "top priority".

"The situation cannot be seen as an issue just for our two countries. It is a priority at both a European and international level," said May and Cazeneuve in a joint statement.

"Many of those in Calais and attempting to cross the Channel have made their way there through Italy, Greece or other countries.

"That is why we are pushing other member states – and the whole of the EU – to address this problem at root."

Calais migrant crisis
Migrants enter into the makeshift church built in the migrant camp called the 'new jungle' in Calais, on August 16, 2015, to attend a mass. Waiting for the perfect opportunity to cross over, many of the some 3,000 migrants in the Calais area stay in the 'New Jungle', a makeshift camp several kilometres (miles) from the city centre. Getty Images