South London charity shop Cancer Research UK was burgled on 7 February, days after tweeting a picture of cash raised by fundraisers. The money was raised on World Cancer Day on 4 February, when staff from the Lewisham High Street shop stood for nearly eight hours at the London Bridge Station to raise funds .

In total, combining what was raised at the London Bridge and in the shop, Cancer Research UK raised a total of £1,500. Feeling "overjoyed" by the achievement, the shop tweeted an image with a caption that read: "Thank you London! What an amazingly generous city you are!"

Despite most of the money already being deposited in the bank, burglars still managed to get their hands on a portion of donations leftover in a tin. Assistant manager Hayley Thorpe said the thieves damaged several expensive pieces of china and destroyed a locker during the raid.

"We were overjoyed with what we raised which is why we tweeted, but someone obviously saw that and thought about themselves. It is heartbreaking for those who have donated who may have lost someone or for whatever personal reason they have. It sickens me," said Thorpe, reported The Evening Standard.

"We are a charity that raises money for a cause that means a lot to people. Look at some of the amazing celebrities we have lost this year already. The fact people want to disrupt trying to find a cure is disgusting."

Scotland Yard are continuing the investigations and a police spokesman said no arrests have yet been made. The shop remained closed for three days for repairs following the break in.