Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 2 protagonists Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield Capcom

Following the remake of their remake of the original Resident Evil and the announcement of a Resident Evil Zero remake for 2016, Capcom has now confirmed a remake of Resident Evil 2 is also in the works. Just in case it was not obvious enough that the survival horror series is going nowhere.

Fans have been asking for a Resi 2 remake since the first Resi was first remade in 2002, and finally they are getting it. Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi revealed the game, which will be developed by Capcom's R&D Division 1, in a video message that you can watch below.

"You've been telling us for years that you want Resident Evil 2 to be remade, and we haven't been able to make it happen... until now," Hirabayashi said. "We at R&D Division 1 will do our best to take on your feedback and deliver the gameplay experience you've been waiting for."

In July, Capcom asked fans on Facebook for feedback regarding a potential remake, to which it naturally received overwhelming support. This is because 1998's Resi 2 is a cult classic often overlooked in favour of the original game but championed by many as the best in the series.

As for original Resident Evil games. Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil: Revelations were both released in 2012 with an episodic follow-up to Revelations released earlier in 2015 to favourable reviews – unlike Resi 6. The existence of Resident Evil 7 remains a mystery.

It certainly appears these remakes are proving successful for Capcom, so expect a remake of Nemesis to be announced next week. It seems that for now Capcom has outlawed any originality in the Resident Evil series. Capcom offered up no indication of a release date for the Resident Evil 2 remake.

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