UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion 'Rowdy' Ronda Rousey has revealed her favourite Pokemon is number 151, Mew. She stated as much at the start of a Reddit Ask Me Anything community Q&A, during which she proudly detailed her geek credentials.

"Ronda here. My favorite Pokemon is Mew and I used to moderate a Pokemon forum. I'm an active player on WoW [World of Warcraft] and a Mage named Randa on TaichiPanda," she said. "I'm on the 3rd Game Of Thrones book and will shank a bitch who tries to give shit away about the series cause you watched the show already."

Rousey – who defended her title with a 34-second knockout victory over Bethe Correia on 1 August – has always been a proud nerd, and is a particularly big fan of Dragonball Z, Game of Thrones and World of Warcraft. In WoW she has played with a series of elf characters – you can see her Night Elf here.

This is not the first time she has talked Pokémon, having discussed her obsession with the Nintendo RPG series in September 2014.

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