After 32 days and 18 housemates, endless altercations and one romance in the house, Coleen Nolan has been named the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

Finding herself in the final two with Jedward, the Loose Woman presenter broke down as her name was announced.

"How do I feel? I've never won anything on my own in my life ever," she told host Emma Willis. "I can honestly say this is one of the best things in my life and this means so much to me."

"I feel really lucky and thankful to everyone who voted. Just thank you," she said. "I was in there and If I put my hand on my heart I didn't deserve to win it because I was pretty boring," she admitted.

The former Nolan sister singer, who came second the first time she appeared on the reality show in 2012, said she didn't have a game plan when she entered the house and was intent on just being herself.

"I hadn't gone out there thinking I'm going to go out to win," she explained. "I've always said nobody plays the game better than Big Brother."

Describing the experience of living in the house amid endless rows between Kim Woodburn, Nicola McClean, Bianca Gascoigne and Jedward, she said it was "horrendous," and far worse than the previous experience.

"They were absolutely brutal from start to finish," she explained. "It was relentless. It was always negative. And also they way people left. It was so unpredictable. It was a madhouse."

The TV star, who recently went public with the news that she is undergoing a trial separation from her husband Ray, said the experience made her stronger.

"Because its been much tougher and each time something negative happened it wasn't affecting me so much because I thought I can't control anything on the outside.

She added that he constant clashes with Kim left her constantly bewildered. "She was the hardest housemate to figure out and to live with and I still don't know who she is," she explained.

In contrast she said actor James Cosmo was an oasis of calm in the house and a sanctuary from the chaos. "He was the one bit of sanity when all hell was breaking loose. "

Runners up were madcap Irish duo Jedward who came third in their previous Big Brother experience.

Settling for second place they accepted that the win would mean more for Coleen. "Its better for her to win because of the place she is in in her life," they said. Insisting that they were always being real in the house, they added they can't wait to read Coleen's book suggesting the title "I lived with Jedward".

'We're so happy to make second, Coleen is a worthy winner. Last time we came third, so this is a personal best, Coleen is such a legend and she needs this in her life right now. I can't wait for the book 'I've Lived With Jedward'.

Coming third, the panto villain of the house Kim Woodburn insisted that she was never concerned about winning explaining that she was "not competitive". She did however seem somewhat smug about beating her nemesis Nicola McClean to third position.

While the How Clean is Your House? star was at the centre of the spats, she claimed that in fact she was the one being bullied in the house.

"I found the final week horrible. I don't like gang-handed. You're surrounded by the mob, and I find that cowardly and disgusting. If I hadn't decided to be a crab they would have ground me into the ground.

Speaking about her rows with Nicola, she added: "I wasn't going to put up with her bullying, what a nasty piece of work. You don't tell me to go into that house and be myself, she tells me: 'The rules are you don't argue with anyone in this house.'

Unapologetic for her behaviour she added: "She's got a darn cheek, cheeky madam. She was ruling the roost. They were all: 'Yes Nicola, no Nicola'.

While Kim was tipped to win purely for entertainment value, the final result has left viewers divided with many turning to social media to question how Coleen Nolan won the series.