Alicia Douvall is the second housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House.

The model left the show in the second live eviction of the series.

Calum Best, Nadia Sawalha and Perez Hilton all managed to survive the public vote following a shock twist in the vote.

Speaking after the show, Alicia said of the Big Brother experience: "I really enjoyed my time in there, so I'm gutted to be out. Fortunately, I have my children at home. I was worried about the reaction because I came into boos, but I was very worried."

It was thought that celebrity gossip columnist Perez Hilton would be voted off this week, after he was met by jeering and chants of "get Perez out," from the crowd.

Questioning why she was voted off the show she said: "Why didn't I stay? I think I was up against some really big characters and some big names, so that's why people didn't pick up the phone and vote for me."

She acknowledged that her personal differences with some of her fellow housemates led to her winning the most nominations.

"Perez is entertaining, so I'm not surprised by that. My relationship with Katie Hopkins would've influenced Michelle's vote, while Calum and I had problems from day one."

Douvall who was known to have had a public spat with Katie Price in the past, has had said she felt betrayed by the glamour model.

"I felt that we'd made a genuine friendship and we'd put past arguments behind us, but perhaps that was naive of me to think she'd changed. She's all about the business," she explained.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015
Katie Price has been opening up about her love life. Channel 5

Summing up the experience, she said: "It feels like you're losing your mind on a daily basis. Perez is running the show and it's exhausting because Katie is struggling with that. He has the attention and she wants it."

While tensions appear to have lessened in the house following a spate of verbal spats between Katie Hopkins and Perez Hilton, there are signs of a blossoming romance between Calum Best and Cami Lee.

Meanwhile, Katie Price has opened up about her complicated love life.

Describing Dane Bowers as the love of her life she said it was "the first time my heart got properly broken," revealing that the break-up resulted in an attempted overdose.

After revealing her concerns to her housemates about her current husband's fidelity, she told Big Brother: "I don't want to keep talking about my exes. I'm still living it. My heart is in pieces."

Celebrity Big Brother continues on Channel 5 at 9pm.