A Coventry man has been banned from going near public places with slides after being found engaging in a sexual act with a slide. Getty Images

A Coventry man arrested for engaging in a sexual act with playground equipment has been banned from going near any public place with a slide. Christopher Johnson, 46, pleaded guilty of public indecency by engaging in sexual act with a slide at the Stoke Green Park in Coventry on the evening of 18 August (2015).

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Johnson of Stoke was given a three-year Criminal Behaviour Order and a ban from hanging around a public place with a slide, including lidos, parks and recreation centres. According to the requirements of the Criminal Behaviour Order, Johnson was ordered to receive sex offender treatment for 18 months and go through some mandatory rehabilitation activities. He was also ordered to pay a fine of £55, as well as £60 towards a victim surcharge, £85 in costs and £180 in criminal courts charge.

Car park attendant Johnson reportedly had a similar previous criminal offence, heard the Coventry Magistrates Court, where he was found undressing and performing a sexual act at a slide in the Coundon Hall Park in Keresley, reported the Coventry Telegraph.

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