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When "Crime Boss: Rockay City" was first announced at The Game Awards 2022, the accompanying trailer did not show details about the game. Rather, it showcased the title's impressive star-studded cast, including Michael Madsen, Kim Basinger, Danny Glover, and Chuck Norris.

As the "Crime Boss: Rockay City" release date approaches, developer Ingame Studios has revealed more details about the upcoming first-person shooter. Here's what we know about the game, including its release date and the latest gameplay trailer.

'Crime Boss: Rockay City' gameplay trailer

The recent "Crime Boss: Rockay City" trailer features the character Travis Baker, who is played by "Reservoir Dogs" actor Michael Madsen, as he drives around Rockay City, GameRant reported. He pauses to talk to Casey, portrayed by actress Kim Basinger, his partner in the drug empire he is establishing. They briefly talked about their business before cutting to the next scene, which shows the drug cargo being attacked.

After that scene, the trailer shows a player character labelled "Quarterback" busily fending off enemies to protect the drug shipment. The gunplay shown in the trailer has an intensity that is strikingly similar in appearance to that of "Payday," another 505 Games-published games about heists and crime.

But sadly, the mission is unsuccessful. With the trailer, developer Ingame Studios and publisher 505 Games revealed what happens when players fail to complete their mission, according to GameSpot. In this case, the trailer shows Barker and Casey learning that their drugs have been intercepted. In response, Barker says he needs the narcotics back by morning.

'Crime Boss: Rockay City' release date, platform

As previously reported by IBT UK, "Crime Boss: Rockay City" is set for release on March 28, 2023. The game will initially be released for PC via the Epic Games Store.

Console gamers must wait a bit longer before they can get their hands on the game. The title will be released for PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series consoles later this year, but no specific date for the console version's release has yet been announced.