The citywide curfew in Charlotte has been lifted after four days, following several peaceful protests about the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.

One protester was fatally shot in the demonstrations that took place in the days after the 20 September police shooting of Scott, while buildings were damaged and an Interstate blocked off in violent marches.

Emergency measures were brought in after two nights of violent protests sparked by the police shooting of the 43-year-old father of seven, in which the victim's family and police shared differing accounts of what happened.

According to law enforcement, while they were searching for a suspect outside an apartment complex in the city, Scott emerged from his parked car with a gun and threatened them. Scott was not the suspect they were seeking.

But a woman claiming she is Scott's daughter has shared a video on social media in which she says: "The police just shot my daddy four times for being black."

Footage of the police shooting has since been released, but the protests that followed over the weekend were mainly peaceful – although many demonstrators maintained they did not believe Scott posed a threat to the police, the Associated Press reported.

Authorities also released evidence on 24 September including a photograph of a loaded handgun police said they found at the scene that they said had Scott's DNA and fingerprints on it.

Peaceful demonstrations over the weekend included more than 100 people staging a protest outside the Bank of America stadium in Charlotte for the NFL game between the Carolina Panthers and the Minnesota Vikings – all of them going down on one knee as the national anthem was played.

However, there were several skirmishes between police and protesters as Interstate 277 was blocked by demonstrators, and one person fell in front of a police vehicle but escaped injury.