An understanding and supportive husband, English football star David Beckham proudly posted photos of his wife, Victoria Beckham, as she posed for the cover of Figaro magazine, on his Facebook page.

"Check out Victoria on the cover of Madame Figaro, she looks great! The shots were taken by talented British Photographer, Greg Williams, hope you like them," Beckham commented while posting the photos.

Victoria Beckham, 39, looks stunning in a pink retro-print playsuit. She is seen lying stretched out a step, looking effortlessly elegant and sensual.

Earlier this month, Victoria had posted photos of her husband modelling for a range of H&M men's innerwear, on her Twitter account.

Incidentally, there was also that little bit about Victoria taking, in the words of her husband, "#NYFW by the balls". A report in The Sun probably says it best: "She even posed for a cheeky pic appearing to, ahem, cup the Beckham crown jewels in a huge poster for the budget range in New York."