Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival
A screenshot of Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival in action. Nintendo

Those leaked Animal Crossing Amiibo figures now have a game to go with them, but it is not the Animal Crossing game for Wii U many had expected. Instead it is a virtual board game spin-off called Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival.

Players choose from their favourite Animal Crossing character and roll the dice to progress around the board in a style that looks like a cross between Mario Party and Super Smash Bros' board game mode.

Using Amiibo, players can play out a day in the life of a village and compete for the title of happiest player – which is about as cutesy and Nintendo-sounding as it gets.

The concept is ripe for Amiibo of course, the collectible figures that have been hugely successful for Nintendo. The concept easily leaves room for more Amiibo figures to be released at a later date.

Another Animal Crossing title, Happy Home Designer, was also shown off during Nintendo's E3 digital event. The game expands on the home decorating features Animal Crossing is known for, offering great customisation.

This charming board game title will be released for the Wii U towards the end of the year.

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