Ghost Recon Wildlands
A look at gameplay in Gohst Recon: Wildlands. Ubisoft

Ubisoft has ended its E3 press conference with the announcement of Ghost Recon: Wildlands, a new take on the previously-military focused Tom Clancy franchise which is now an open world approach.

The trailer, which contained gameplay and CG elements showed a varied game world in with barren, jungle and snow-covered landscapes shown off with a plethora of vehicles used to traverse the environment.

You can watch the announcement trailer below...

The game takes place in South America with players working co-operatively in a squad-based cover shooter to take down drug kingpins who are ravishing the region. It looks like all of Ubisoft's biggest games rolled into one.

Ubisoft offered the following description with their trailer: "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands is the first military shooter set in a massive and responsive open world, entirely playable in 4 player co-op or solo."

The game is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Expect online betas and delays.

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