Hitman IO Interactive
The Hitman presentation at the Square Enix E3 press conference. IO Interactive

Square Enix and IO Interactive have shown off the first gameplay from Hitman - the latest in the stealth-based assassination series. We also heard a little more about how huge a departure from previous games bearing the Hitman name this will be.

You can watch the video explaining how Hitman will work below...

Hitman is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC initially as a digital release on 8 December 2015. It takes place in a "live and ever expanding world of digital assassinations" which will be constantly updated by IO with new missions, areas and targets. Some targets will only be available for a limited time and can only be killed once by players around the world.

It will continue "evolving and deepening over time" according to a press release, with what is being called the "initial" storyline concluding sometime in 2016.

The game debuted with a stylish trailer at Sony's E3 press conference in the early hours of Tuesday 16 June. Called just Hitman, it follows the release of the critically-panned Hitman Absolution in 2012.

A beta will be made available to anyone who pre-orders the full game and there will be six contracts exclusively available on the PS4.

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