Platinum Games have teased that their new game set to be announced at E3 2015 will be a sequel to critically acclaimed cult classic shooter Vanquish with a tweet hyping up the reveal next Wednesday (17 June).

The developers behind Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and The Wonderful 101 have built their reputation on fast paced and completely insane video games, and there's no finer example than the blistering shooter first released on Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2010.

In Vanquish players traversed the game's levels by sliding around on boosters, hence the reference in the tweet above – it made for a one of the fastest paced shooters ever made. Safe to say we loved it, and implore you to hunt it down if you haven't sampled its greatness.

Say, from here, here or here.

Should this be little more than a devilish tease to be followed by tweets referencing their other games then, sure, we'll be disappointed, but only for so long given Platinum are still about to announce something.

Whatever it is will be revealed on YouTube's E3 live stream, being hosted by Geoff Keighley from Monday 15 June. It will be being made in tandem with Scalebound, the Xbox One exclusive teased at Microsoft's E3 press event last year - and expected to show up at again at their show next Monday.

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