Adr1ft Adrift Game
Your space station and only means of a safe return home in Adr1ft. Three Zero One

Adr1ft was one of the surprise game announcements at The Game Awards 2014, debuting with a stunning announcement trailer showing gameplay from the first person space survival thriller. Now, developers Three One Zero have released another trailer ahead of E3 2015.

Made using "100% game assets" in conjuncture with Blur Studio, the trailer evokes the game's sense of loneliness and desperation, strongly reminiscent of the look and feel of Alfonso Cuaron's Oscar-winning sci-fi movie Gravity.

The trailer also reveals a September release window for the PS4, Xbox One and PC (using Steam).

Presented in first person, the game is a tale of survival in which players must complete puzzles and manage their oxygen supply while manoeuvring in zero gravity through a space station torn apart by an accident in an effort to survive and find their way home.

Adr1ft stems from the experiences of Adam Orth, one of the game's directors, who while working for Microsoft in 2013 infamously told gamers to "deal with it" in regard to the Xbox One's (now defunct) always-online functionality.

Orth left Microsoft as a result and Adr1ft is the game born out of his endeavours since. He is making it with a small core team of six he assembled after founding development studio Three One Zero. 505 Games are publishing the game.