Rainbow Six Siege

To round off their E3 press conference, Ubisoft revealed Rainbow Six: Siege - a new game in the classic first person series that this time revolves around 5 v 5 multiplayer hostage situations.

The demo of an early multiplayer game started with police outside a suburban house in Boston before switching to a remote control drone camera being moved inside. We then see the hostage and hostage-takers - also player-controlled - as they set up defences and barricades.

Eventually breaking in from the outside, all hell typically breaks loose - revealing a first person shooter reminiscent of classic favourite SWAT 4 and, of course, classic Rainbow Six.

As the teams are whittled down, eventually it's 1 on 1 and the demo cuts to black.

Rainbow Six: Patriots was announced in 2011 but proved a troubled project. Eventually an Ubisoft exec confirmed that the game was in the process of being remade - and now we have seen the fruits of that endeavour.

Rainbow Six: Siege is set for release in 2015.