Eddie Murphy
Despite reports surfacing Friday that Eddie Murphy was killed in a snowboarding accident in Switzerland the actor is alvie and well. His supposed death has been said to have taken place dozens of times throughout his career. Reuters

The latest scare in a series of death hoaxes about some of the world's most popular entertainers have shocked and amused in equal measures. No one, it appears, can be spared the wry (furious?) indignation of having dozens of Web sites and thousands of Twitter posts declaring his/her death.

The newest is one concerning American stand-up comedian and actor Eddie Murphy. The star of such films as the "Shrek", "Doctor Dolittle" and "Beverly Hills Cop" was declared to have died in a snowboarding accident, while shooting for an unidentified film. The report was, apparently, first carried by MediaFetcher and later turned viral, courtesy Tweets from across the world.

We did say this wasn't the first such hoax.

In January alone, Hollywood actress Demi Moore and singers Rihanna, Cher and Adele were declared to have passed on... Twitter posts were the culprit each time. This undoubtedly disturbing trend was further highlighted by reports of singers Reba McEntire and Bon Jovi, as well as actors Adam Sandler and Charlie Sheen; incidentally... and this has to be an amazing coincidence... both Sandler and Sheen supposedly died in snowboarding accidents!

Fortunately for all Eddie Murphy fans, E!News was told by a representative for the actor "Trust me, Eddie is very much alive and well and definitely not in Switzerland snowboarding."

Just to make doubly sure, entertainment Web site TMZ reportedly called Murphy himself... the actor confirmed he was very much alive.

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