A video captured by a Russian football hooligan has shown the shocking thugs' perspective of the viscous brawls with English fans in Marseille, ahead of the two nations' Euro 2016 match on 11 June.

The GoPro footage - complete with mirthful music soundtrack and rap - shows the Russian gang, believed to be hardcore Ultras, roaming the streets of Marseilles in search of English adversaries.

When they find England supporters in a central square, both arm themselves with improvised weapons: bottles, chairs and one man can be seen brandishing part of a metal barrier. Throughout the opening minutes of the video the men can be seen indiscriminately trashing French cafes without the intervention of any kind of security forces.

In the square the Russian fan wearing the camera can clearly be seen stamping on a English fan holding a St George's flag. The Russia supporters can also be seen later in the video picking up England flags, a tactic which was to be repeated when the two teams of supporters clashed in the Stade Veldrome later that day.

As the footage continues the violence progresses to another level and the English and Russian fans can be squaring off over a narrow set of stairs and throwing projectiles including tiles. A Russian wearing a burgundy hoodie can be seen rendered briefly unconscious in the melee, lying face down on the stairs. He later gets up and returns to the Russian line of supporters, clutching the back of his head.

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Roberts, the head of Britain's Euro 2016 policing operation, said the unrest in Marseille was the most serious he had encountered in his 10 years on the job.

In total, about 20 people have been arrested over the unrest, with two Russians expelled from the country. Ten individuals, including six Britons, three French and an Austrian, are to face an immediate trial, with a 16-year-old Briton charged after throwing bottles.

It has been the worst violence at an international football tournament since the 1998 World Cup, during which Marseille also suffered three days of heavy violence involving England fans.

Marseille also suffered three days of heavy violence involving England fans.

Russian supporters were seen climbing over barriers at the Stade Velodrome during Saturday's 1-1 draw, rushing at England fans and attacking them. A flare was also fired into a section of the stadium holding England fans.

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