Details are gradually beginning to emerge from Kim Kardashian's gunpoint robbery ordeal. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was at the centre of a jewellery heist at a luxury hotel in Paris on 3 October 2016 but fortunately she came out of the incident unharmed.

While reps for the TV star have released a vague statement confirming the basic details of the robbery, there are conflicting reports about the specifics of the event. Kardashian, 35, and her family are remaining tight-lipped on the ordeal so IBTimes UK have rounded-up all the key developments we know surrounding the robbery.

Where the robbery took place

The building where Kardashian stayed during her trip to Paris is said to be an exclusive, luxury hotel known as The No Address Hotel. It is located just behind La Madeleine church in the 8th arrondissement and is only occupied by the incredibly wealthy.

Sunday 2 October

Kardashian was pictured attending Balenciaga and Givenchy's fashion shows earlier in the day before later attending a dinner at the home of designer Azzedine Alaia. After leaving the dinner, Kardashian is said to have returned to the apartment and posted a series of Snapchats. One included a Skype conversation she had with her younger brother Rob Kardashian and his pregnant girlfriend Blac Chyna as the couple hosted a baby shower in California.

Monday 3 October (early hours)

According to TMZ, the concierge of the exclusive building was bound and gagged by the intruders. Two robbers dressed as police officers entered the bedroom where Kardashian was lying and ordered her out of bed.

Kim Kardashian engagement ring
Kim Kardashian's 20-carat engagement ring is reportedly one of the items stolen by robbers in Paris REUTERS/Kevork Djansezian

As Kardashian attempted to contact her bodyguard Pascal Duvier, one of the masked men snatched the mobile phone out of her hand while the other bound her hands together with a zip-tie and duck tape. Multiple reports suggest there were up to several robbers at the time but a rep for the TV star has stated two in an official statement.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian was reportedly robbed by two men at a luxury hotel apartment in Paris on 3 October Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

One of the thieves is said to have grabbed Kardashian's ankles, prompting her to believe she would be raped but this did not happen. The businesswoman was then placed in a bathtub but when she pleaded with them not to harm her for the sake of her children her mouth was gagged with tape.

Throughout the ordeal, Kardashian's friend Simone Harouche was also in the apartment but locked herself in a bathroom when she heard the commotion. Harouche is said to have contacted Kardashian's older sister Kourtney Kardashian and bodyguard Duvier who were at the Arc nightclub at the time. Duvier reportedly arrived at the scene approximately two minutes after the robbers fled on bicycles.

Kardashian reportedly told the French authorities that the men did not understand English but she understood them saying "ring" more than once, most likely in reference to her engagement ring. The incident is said to have taken place over six minutes. Kardashian's two children, three-year-old daughter North and 10-month-old Saint, were not present at the time.

What the robbers stole

A full list of missing items are yet to be revealed however, it is believed the robbers made off with two mobile phones belonging to Kardashian. The group also took jewellery worth an estimated $11m including a $4m ring believed to be the 20-carat Lorraine Schwartz-designed engagement ring Kanye West gave the reality star.

What Kardashian did next

Just a few hours after the robbery, Kardashian was seen boarding a private jet back to the US and arrived in New York where she was reunited with her husband Kanye West. The rapper met Kardashian at the airport and they were both pictured heading into their New York apartment. West, 39, stopped his performance at New York's Meadows Festival after being told the news and has now postponed and rescheduled dates on his Saint Pablo tour to spend time with his family.

Reps for the reality star have released a statement since, which said: "Kim Kardashian West was held up at gunpoint inside her Paris hotel room this evening by two armed masked men dressed as police officers. She is badly shaken but physically unharmed."

Kardashian has since been bombarded by social media trolls laughing at the incident but several celebrities have spoke out in defence of her including James Corden and Piers Morgan. Kardashian's former bodyguard Steve Stanulis blames Kardashian for flaunting her wealth on social media.

TMZ reports that the French authorities are now investigating the theory that the robbery was an "inside job".

Watch Kim Kardashian's final Snapchats hours before the robbery: