Video game Fist of Jesus casts the Western world's statistically favourite religious icon in a non-canonical light as he teams up with Judas Iscariot to take on zombiefied hordes of Roman legionaires caused by Lazarus' resurrection.

Cowboys, mythological creatures, steampunk technology in 1980s style and fishy weaponry are all promised with an (un)healthy dose of blood and gore. Jesus will rip out hearts and tear off heads, all in a cutesy cartoon graphical style delivered in 2.5D side-scrolling combat action.

If you watch carefully, you may even glimspe a pair of bum cheeks peeking out from under the seamless robe of Jesus as it is kicked up in a scuffle.

Subtitled "The Bloody Gospel Of Judas", the game has launched for Windows, Mac, and Linux on Steam for a standard price of £7.99, and is based on an multi-award-winning short-film of the same name.

While the film may have won critical approval, how will gamers and the devout react to this violent take on the pacifist icon? Gamers are no strangers to violent depictions but some get a little squeamish when their religion is dragged into the mix.

Is this a callous exploitation of a religious figure for monetary gain, a poignant social satire, or just plain old fun that shouldn't be taken seriously?

Developer Mutant Games has been challenged for its portrayal of Jesus over on the Steam disucssion forum, if you'd like to go and weigh in.

Check out the trailer below:

If you're intrigued as to its origins, catch the original short-film below: