Xbox One: New Tips and Tricks to Enjoy Best Gaming Experience [VIDEO]

Microsoft's next Xbox One update, due in November 2014, is to include customisable dashboard backgrounds, Twitter integration, and the return of player bios.

One of the things that Xbox owners have asked for the most, is the ability to choose their dashboard background, and that is just one of the things they are getting this time around.

Just after the update, users will have a limited selection of what they can use to decorate their screens and only be able to choose artwork from their unlocked Xbox Live achievements. However, a forthcoming update will allow the use of any image for the dashboard background.

Players will also be able to put up bios about themselves and add their location to their profiles, a feature which was previously seen on the Xbox 360 console, but not added to the Xbox One.

The player's 'showcase' reel will be a completely new feature added to the profile, allowing up to six gaming video clips or achievements that the user is really proud of, to be pinned up for others to see.

The update will also include the ability to link Twitter to the user's Xbox Live account so that they can post gameplay clips to their followers.

There is currently no set date for the update, though Xbox One users participating in the dashboard beta testing program are already able to download it.