Police investigating the Paris robbery in which Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint as armed gunmen made off with millions of pounds worth of jewellery have uncovered vital evidence from the scene of the crime.

As the gang made their getaway, in their haste the thieves reportedly dropped a gemstone outside the exclusive Paris apartments where the reality star was staying during Paris Fashion Week.

It's thought the jewel may have DNA evidence which could help further the ongoing enquiry into the heist.

Reporting the latest development, French news channel M6 revealed a source close to the investigation said: "A piece of stolen jewellery was found close to the block, and was presumably dropped by the gang. It suggests that the criminals may have made mistakes because they were in such a hurry."

Kardashian — who was in the French capital for the city's annual fashion focus — was alone at the apartment at around 2.30am local time on 3 October 2016, when five men entered the private premises after duping the hotel concierge into believing they were police officers.

They then held a gun to the man's head, forcing him to lead them to Kim's first floor apartment and open the door.

The 35-year-old mother-of-two was held up at gunpoint and then bound and gagged as she pleaded for her life. After the robbers fled with £9m worth of jewellery, she managed to untie herself and raise the alarm.

The assailants — believed to be white, middle-aged Frenchmen — arrived and left by bicycle.

Still reeling from the shock of the incident, the reality star has returned to her California home, where she is being supported by family and friends.

Kim Kardashian robbery
Kim Kardashian was reportedly bound and gagged by several masked men at a luxury apartment in Paris on 3 October REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

As police attempt to piece together the events of that night, following criticisms of the inadequate security provided to the A-list star, her husband Kanye West is now said to have taken matters in his own hands and has privately recruited intelligence experts to investigate the case.

"They've decided to use their own experts as part of their ­security overhaul," a source told Mirror Online.

"Some of them have worked for the world's top ­intelligence agencies. If ­anyone can get to the bottom of what went on, these guys will.

"For Kim, it's about feeling safe. She needs to know that a security breach like this will never happen again. For Kanye, it's about knowing exactly who is responsible."

Meanwhile, a source revealed that Kardashian 'is beginning civil action in order to recover the losses' Mail Online reports.

The TV star has filed a £4.5m insurance claim for the stolen items, including a £3.2m engagement ring presented to her by rapper husband Kanye West. She is also set to seek compensation for the trauma she suffered and the subsequent loss of earnings.

Kim, who is famed for her selfies and for her use of social media to promote the Kardashian brand, is set to lose an estimated $1m a month as she takes time away from endorsements and promotional campaigns to recover from the ordeal.

The star recently cancelled a make-up masterclass in Dubai as she reconsiders her very public life.