Galaxy Note 7 features leaked
Screenshots show Galaxy Note 7 UX features Getty Images

Features of Samsung's new Galaxy Note, widely known as Galaxy Note 7, have been leaked with a bunch of screenshots revealing the new Note's Grace UX interface mostly related to the iris scanner and S Pen Air Command menu.

Under the Lockscreen and security settings, there is a new option below Fingerprints called Irises. Clicking on the Irises takes you to the Disclaimer page that explains in what situations the Note 7 might not recognise the user's irises. If the user is wearing glasses, sunglasses, colour contact lenses or circular contact lenses, the new Note will not recognise the irises.

According to the screenshots, to set up the iris scanner, users need to position the phone 25-30cm away from their face, while the eyes are in the circles shown on the screen, and then let the front-facing scanner register the iris.

There are screenshots for the S Pen Air Command menu with several options such as Screen Write, S Note, Smart Select, Add Shortcuts and Action Memo. In addition to that, there is a new option called Glance. A screenshot shows the Note 7 bearing model number SM-N930F running Android Marshmallow version 6.0.1 with July security patch on board.

The Note 7 will have an app drawer feature that lets you arrange your favourite apps alphabetically. The screenshots depict apps including the new ones and the stock versions such as clock, messages, music player, calendar and dialler.

The leaked screenshots come via AndroidAuthroity, which claims to have obtained them from its source. The leak comes just a day after a high-resolution wallpaper for the Note 7 leaked. The wallpaper includes S Pen wallpapers as well as pastel geometric wallpapers.