Emilia Clarke
Game Of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke has filmed several sex scenes over the last five seasons HBO

HBO's Game Of Thrones has turned out to be a massive critical and commercial success bagging a record-breaking 12 awards at the 2015 Emmys. But despite all the glory and popularity the show enjoys, there are some who believe it is nothing but "t*ts and dragons."

Bernard Cornwell, author of the best-selling series of historical novels known as The Saxon Stories, recently spoke about the comparison between BBC's The Last Kingdom - a TV adaptation of his novels, and Game Of Thrones. Cornwell did not seem too pleased with the idea of the BBC series being compared to the HBO fantasy drama.

"If I was a commissioning editor at the BBC I'd say, 'We want Game of Thrones – boys, let's have dragons and t*ts,'" the 71-year-old author, who admitted he's "never seen" the HBO drama, told The Telegraph. "But as much as I love George's [author George RR Martin] book, it doesn't have that grounding in reality. Mine continually has to come back to this real story – the making of England."

Cornell further expressed his feelings towards Game Of Thrones in an interview with the Radio Times. "So many characters. So many strands. You have to have large sections where the plot is explained, just have to sit there and be told what's going on. This is very, very dull. So they put a lot of naked women behind it all." The author finally added, "...They're called 'sexplanations' in the trade. My programs won't need sexplanations." The Last Kingdom will premiere on BBC Two in the UK on 22 October 2015.