An arcade machine measuring 4.41m tall and 1.06 metres deep has set a world record, officially certified by Guinness World Records. Jason Camberis, a 44-year-old network engineer from Chicago, built the gaming machine over the course of almost two years. When asked about his inspiration behind building the machine, he said: "It's very special for me to be in the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition to be able to introduce all the younger kids to the older games, and to bring a whole new generation of kids in to see what we used to play. It makes a gap where everyone's the same age."

The arcade machine is so tall that children would need to stand on something in order to reach the unit's massive buttons and 16-inch glass track ball. The fully functioning retro creation, which is paid for using giant quarters, plays more than 200 classic arcade games, including PacMan and Tetris.