Google has launched a VR tour of the Beatles' beloved Abbey Road Studios. The tech giant has developed a Cardboard app that allows users to take a virtual tour of the studio, which will also provide access to its mirrored drum room.

The Cardboard app has currently been launched for Android. However, Google is also working on releasing the iOS version of the VR app to users soon. The nine-part guided tour provides viewers with the history of the Abbey Road Studios right from the 1930's to present day and has been narrated by Giles Martin, the son of recently deceased Beatles producer George Martin.

In a company blog post, Google said: "Now you can go even further and experience what it actually feels like — and sounds like — inside the studios, using Google Cardboard and your smartphone."

Abbey Road Studios' managing director, Isabel Garvey, said: "We were delighted to collaborate with Google last year and open our doors to give fans everywhere unprecedented access to the studios and the stories behind them for the first time. Now our latest step with them is pushing those boundaries even further with the addition of Google Cardboard. With this incredible virtual reality technology, music lovers will be fully immersed in the sights and sounds of Abbey Road in a way we never could have imagined," the Daily Mail reported.

Once the tour is over, viewers can go ahead and leisurely explore the rest of the studio and discover hitherto hidden or lesser accessible parts of the studio like the mirrored drum room, which is known to have been designed to enhance the sound quality of music played and recorded within the room. Yet another area viewers can explore is the Abbey Road's Mastering Suites where music records get the final "finishing touches" before being released publicly. Viewers will also get the opportunity to experience a recording session with the London Symphony Orchestra in Studio 1, with surround sound.

Apart from being home to The Beatles, Abbey Road has also been the recording haven for a plethora of musicians like Duran Duran, Lady Gaga, Iron Maiden, Coldplay's Chris Martin and even Kanye West. Did you know that the film score for Star Wars Episode One was recorded in Abbey Road?