Real GTA video shoot out
A screengrab from the shoot out in Real GTA. Corridor Digital

Corridor Digital has given us a glimpse at what a realistic Grand Theft Auto might look like in their incredible new viral video "Real GTA". Everything from camera angles to character animations have been recreated as one character ventures through Los Angeles.

Real world recreations of Rockstar's open world behemoth are nothing new, but this is quite easily one of the best examples we've ever seen. You can watch the video below...

The character goes from the Santa Monica Pier, along Venice beach, up to the Griffith Observatory (where he takes an awkward selfie), back down through the hills, along a storm drain, into a gun shop and finally down an alley where he finds himself in a shoot-out.

All the beautifully orchestrated action is set to Carpenter Brut's Paradise Warfare, which isn't part of GTA 5's expansive licensed soundtrack, but absolutely sounds like it belongs on it.

The video is great testament not only to Corridor Digital's work making it, but to Rockstar's recreation of Los Angeles in Los Santos and the wonderful visuals that brought everything to life.

Real GTA has has proven a viral hit too, racking up over 3.5 million views in little over a day since it was first uploaded.