GTA 5 Online 1.14 Hipster Update: Hydraulics Mod, Vehicle Mod, Weapon Mod, Rare Modded Cars and Ten Secret Cars Revealed

Most players might remember the insurance glitch that worked with the 1.13 update. However, Rockstar might have patched up a few glitches and a new method has arrived thanks to YouTuber iCrazyTeddy. It can now be used to get a Dubsta in GTA Online without being level 100. Check it out below.

Players will have to grab any car of their choice, park it outside the garage as shown in the video. It can be any car, even a friend's vehicle. Also, player levelling doesn't matter with this glitch. If you used your friend's car, he can then call up his insurance person and get it back after the glitch. This technique can be used by under-levelled players to get a Dubsta.

Now, enter the garage.

Once inside, jump into any car of your choice (preferably a vehicle that you don't care about), hold down the d-pad, change to Michael as a Single Player character. When asked if you want to quit the session, press B and cancel it. Remember the pattern of these button mashes.

Now, accelerate your car while in the garage and quickly use the button pattern. If you did it right, you should now be able to drive around in your garage.

Now press, Start > Online > Jobs > Join Race. As soon as it starts to load, the host has to back out and you'll be stuck in the loading screen for a while. As soon you're back in the game, run up to your car that's outside the garage as fast as you can and get inside. The glitch will take place and you will be zorbed out of your car.

Players can enter their garage afterwards to find the car used in the glitch swapped out for the one that they parked outside.