Fresh clues in Benny’s customisation shop hint at future DLC cars Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games recently released a new DLC for customisable cars in GTA Online as Karin Sultan and Bravado Banshee sports cars can now be fully upgraded to the supercar class via Benny's Original Motorworks. Consequently, Benny's custom bodyworks shop now supports both lowrider cars and sports car upgrades in the game.

Veteran YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross explains that the entry of new sports and race car customisation features into Benny's customisation shop could indeed open a secret door to a whole new set of luxury cars in the game's forthcoming DLCs or title updates. So, the Benny's will no longer carry the stigma of being just a lowrider custom shop in GTA 5.

Whenever you walk into Benny's Original Motorworks in the game, you can notice a Bravado Banshee sitting on the lift or an assembling platform inside the shop.

Moving on to the other side of the shop, you will notice a green Vapid Peyote resting on the top platform. Besides, there seems to be some kind of a race car or supercar hidden underneath the tarpaulin cover, under the same platform.

Grotti Cheetah
Fresh clues in Benny’s customisation shop hint at future DLC cars MrBossFTW via YouTube

Going by the rear spoiler on the car in disguise (underneath the cover), it is identified to be the Grotti Cheetah. Not to mention, Cheetah is the only car that supports this unique rear spoiler (see screenshot above).

If the clues revealed inside the Benny's custom shop are any indication, we could soon see a handful of race cars being modded inside this garage in GTA Online. One may recollect that the Bravado Banshee has been sitting inside the Benny's garage from day one of its release in GTA Online.

Ross adds that there are a bunch of company logos such as Sprunk, Albany, Atomic and Declasse being put up on some colourful banners all around the interiors of the shop. This could actually mean that company branded custom cars could be sold and upgraded in Benny's, in the near future.

The YouTuber also speculates on the chances of Rockstar introducing another category of custom body shop, apart from Benny's and LS Customs in the game. He goes on to point out a vacant garage located right next to the Casino in Downtown, Vinewood. The garage itself carries a unique name called Auto Exotic Fixing Station, which specialises in fixing domestic, Japanese and European cars.

As the YouTuber explains, it has a garage on one end and three repair platforms on the other, and this seems similar to what we have seen in Benny's Original Motorworks. You can see a couple of mechanics hanging around in the front yard of the shop and the garage has the pre-requisites to support exotic car upgrades and engine tune-ups for racing.

Going by the speculation suggesting Rockstar is likely to add more sports cars for upgrade with the Benny's shop, Ross asserts that he would like to see the Comet, the Porsche and the Karin Futo to be part of the upcoming DLC update for GTA Online. Branching out to other categories, Ross admits that he would like to see the Coupes, the compacts and sedans at the Benny's custom shop.

Do let us know what you think about the speculated car customisation upgrades at the Benny's Original Motorworks or the possibility of seeing another car customisation shop like auto exotic fixing station, in the comments section below.