Grand Theft Auto 5 is known for its treasure trove of hidden secrets and surprises scattered all around the game world, including some secret cheat codes and Easter eggs. A number of new Easter eggs have surfaced in the game such, as secret mobile phone numbers and a hidden Luis Lopez photo inside an office.

With the advent of GTA 5 for current-gen gaming platforms (Xbox One, PS4 and PC), Rockstar has introduced the ability to enter certain cheat codes as phone numbers using your in-game mobile handset. There has been a discovery of a new phone number that triggers an explosion and then changes the phone theme instantly.

The credit for finding this cheat code goes to @KarmaIngram1, while "Redditor" CharlesSteam takes credit for sharing the information. All you need to do is type 1 999 367 3737 on your in-game phone, which translates as 1999EMPDROP. As Ross explains, the moment you dial this number and enter first-person mode, the cheat code will say "Black Cellphone" and you will hear an EMP explosion in the sky.

At this moment, the mobile phone should look bigger than before, although it is unclear why this happens. It is confirmed that the cheat code works with all the three game characters in single-player mode, but does not work online. Although it is still unconfirmed if this trick also works for the last generation, it is tested to be working fine for current-gen consoles and PCs. However, it is not known if an EMP or electro- magnetic pulse would have any power outage effect with satellites, towers or UFOs in Mount Chiliad.

In related news, Ross has revealed a number of secret mobile phone numbers that will show up as busy when dialled on your in-game phone. The list includes 0207550152, 5413183135, 541010451 and 541451541.

While the game code for the first two phone numbers suggests that they can be unlocked during certain special missions, the last two can be used only during the "ojasaud" mission, which seems to be a codename for a random mission in an upcoming DLC (downloadable content). So it appears that Rockstar is reserving some special phone numbers for upcoming DLCs in GTA 5 and GTA Online.

Moving on to the second Easter egg, Ross reveals the secret location of Luis Lopez inside an office building. The same game character was earlier discovered on the cover page of a magazine in Jimmy De Santa's room in GTA 5. The egg is found in Solomon Richards's office, with due credit to YouTuber ZacCoxTV. The only catch to unlock this secret building is to complete The Mount Chiliad murder mystery.

Inside this building, you'll notice a photo frame hanging on one side of the wall, which has a photo showing Richards on the left and Lopez from The Ballad Of Gay Tony on the right. This could actually mean that Lopez must have headed west to settle down in Los Santos, as evident in certain references made by Gay Tony in The Ballad of Gay Tony DLC for GTA 4.