With Rockstar recently confirming the delay in release of Heist DLC for GTA Online, restless GTA 5 gamers and tipsters around the world have been digging for more details about the upcoming DLC in leaked game files.

One such discerning tipster, DomisLive, has reportedly received some Heist information pertaining to Safe Houses for Cops n Crooks missions from his friends, BriceCoates1 (aka LazyGamer) and Sparky Live, via leaked game script.

The leaked game script hints at probable Safe Houses feature for both cops and gangs in GTA Online, which has been obtained through a leaked source code comprising a bunch of command prompts used for computer programming.

Rockstar has apparently updated its source code with new information regarding heists and the accompanying features for GTA Online missions as you can see in the leaked screenshots (see video) pertaining to the game source code.

The first line in the leaked game script hints at a Safehouse Wardrobe wherein players can change their outfit during CnC or Cops n Crooks missions.

Similarly, the second line in the leaked script points to Cop Locker Room for CnC, which basically acts as a change room for cops.

It is not yet clear, if the lines in the script actually point to players' apartments/houses or they would receive more safehouses for GTA Online missions.

Besides, players might actually receive new police vehicles, new cop outfits and new garages for cop vehicles, as well as a crew garage and a crew bank account, according to the latest speculation about Heist DLC.

This could actually mean that crew members could share their spare cars and in-game money with each other or help out each other at times in GTA Online.

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