Avid GTA 5 gamers are looking for novel ways to enhance the entertainment and replay value of the game by digging out various inherent glitches in the game such as Boxing Glove glitch, which adds a new dimension to funny moments amid some crazy gun fights.

One such discerning gamer and YouTuber, iCrazyTeddy, reveals some interesting gameplay details pertaining to the Boxing Glove glitch in his latest YouTube video.

Basically, players can hold a helmet in their hand for an unlimited amount of time, which mirrors a Boxing Glove as the helmet sticks to your hand flawlessly.

This glitch can be activated in solo mode as it does not require any assistance from another player or your friend in GTA Online.

Here is how you activate this glitch:

  • Get yourself a bike or a quad-bike from Sanandreassuperautos.com or steal one from the street.
  • Grab a helmet or a bulletproof helmet (preferred) from an accessory or armour store for better results with this glitch.
  • Go ahead and select the helmet from your inventory via accessories menu and ensure that 'Auto Show Helmet' feature is enabled.
  • Once you have equipped the helmet from the inventory, you can hold the helmet in your hand by pressing Square button on the PS3 or X on the Xbox 360, while the selection menu is open.
  • After you have completed this action, get on your bike with your helmet on. Note: Your character will actually wear another extra helmet when the reanimation triggers at this moment.
  • Wait until the animation completes and then jump out of your bike.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds, before your character takes out the helmet.
  • Right at the moment when the character is holding the helmet in his hands and trying to store it in some place, you need to get back on the bike quickly.
  • Now keep bashing the Y button on the Xbox 360 or Triangle button on the PS3 in order to effectively mod your bike.
  • When you do this, the helmet is no longer on the character's head and instead he will be sticking it to his hands as if it were some gloves.
  • Tip #1: Once the glitch is in action, you can effectively use it like a shield with your gun, baseball bat or police baton or any other weapon of your choice.
  • Tip #2: You can walk around with the Boxing Glove glitch on and punch people with your left hand (see video) or participate in boxing matches with your GTA Online friends as if it were some kind of a melee weapon.
  • Tip #3: On the downside, once you leave the game you actually have to repeat the steps in this tutorial to reactivate the glitch, which takes less than 30 seconds to accomplish in the game.
  • Tip #4: Whenever you die and re-spawn, the glitch will still be active and you will find the helmet handy as a melee weapon if you have lost other weapons after death or during an unexpected arrest by cops.