GTA 5 Online Heists DLC: Possible Explanation for Delaying Heists
GTA 5 Online Heists DLC: Possible Explanation for Delaying Heists Rockstar Games

The long-awaited release of the Heists DLC for GTA Online has been unduly delayed for various reasons, as restless GTA 5 gamers are curious to find possible hints about its impending release.

Amid growing speculation regarding the Heists DLC release date, a discerning tipster, NoahJ456, has given a possible explanation for Rockstar delaying the heists.

The recent DLC releases for the game have been considerably delayed because of innumerable glitches and bugs that keep surfacing with every new GTA 5 title update. Consequently, developers have been hard-pressed to clear up the issues before adding any new content to their online servers.

The Heists DLC ,quite surprisingly, has been in the spotlight ever since the game released for Xbox 360 and PS3 in September 2013. After more than nine months of rumours surrounding its release, it looks as if Rockstar would break its promise of releasing heists as part of the spring updates.

Nevertheless, one cannot overlook the potential next-gen console and PC release for GTA 5 being announced at the E3, as a spate of leaks and rumours point to a press conference from either Sony or Microsoft for making a release announcement for the game.

The impending GTA 5 release for the gaming platforms is another big reason which could be holding back the release of the Heists DLC. With the E3 expo scheduled for 10 June through 12 June, there is very little time for Rockstar to unleash or develop new DLC content.

In other words, it means Rockstar might announce the Heists DLC within a week after the E3 (assuming they already have the game code for the Heists DLC) or else the DLC might actually be scrapped.

Unlike earlier theories which blamed hackers and in-game glitches for the extensive delay of Heists DLC, the tipster notes that it only takes a few hours of coding and debugging to release patches or fixes for the game.

Besides, the bigger cause of the delay could actually be testing those patches for quality approval on the Xbox console.

This could in turn mean that Rockstar could be testing these patches on the next-gen consoles or PC version as well, just to make sure everything is working perfect before the final announcement of the game and the Heists DLC for these platforms.

With the E3 event just a couple of days away, we just hope that Rockstar has something in store for its loyal GTA 5 fans.