Rockstar Games recently rolled out the highly-anticipated Independence Day Special DLC as part of new 1.15 update in GTA Online, while discerning gamers have already unearthed a new unlimited money glitch via car duplication trick in Los Santos Customs (LSC).

With the 1.15 update bringing brand new weapons, fireworks, monster truck and seven new houses, avid GTA 5 gamers would be eager to make quick money in order to purchase these things in a hurry.

A discerning GTA 5 tipster, Craig98, has revealed the fastest way to make millions in a few minutes via the car duplication glitch at Los Santos Customs.

Note: This glitch works with any random vehicle or car in GTA 5 Online.

Here is how you do it:

  • Take a random vehicle of your choice or your most expensive super car to LSC.
  • For illustration purpose, we consider the Ubermacht Sentinel XS in this tutorial. Just drive the car to LSC and park it at the designated location inside the garage.
  • Perform regular repair works (full body repair and engine service) on the car to get rid of any damage during the transit.
  • Try upgrading the Armour, brakes, suspension, transmission, bumper/intercooler and skirts on your car.
  • Once your car has all the performance upgrades installed, just hit the Sell button once and then click Sell Vehicle.
  • At this moment, you will be asked for a confirmation. Then hit Start and you will enter the Xbox game store.
  • As soon as you see the Xbox game store screen, keep tapping the A button and your vehicle will be sold. The money will be credited to your online account in GTA 5.
  • Once again you will be redirected to the Xbox game store.
  • Then you will re-spawn into the same session in GTA Online along with your car inside the LSC.
  • You will not be able to resell this car again. So, just take the car out of LSC and drive it back to your garage.
  • Wait for a period of about 40 minutes before you can try reselling the same car.
  • Rinse and repeat the process to make unlimited money just by selling duplicated cars at the LSC.

Tip #1:In case you see a bounty or wanted level on your head after doing this glitch, just do a paint job or respray on your car to resolve this issue.

In related news, another GTA 5 tipster, Xbox Videos, has revealed a brand new car duplication glitch with the recently released Panto car.

The trick is to place the Panto car in the first slot of your garage and then move the car to a corner (over the blue circle) using a toolbox, while you place an order for a new car via

Tip #2: You will not lose any money for making this purchase as it is part of the glitch.

Tip #3: You can duplicate as many Pantos as you want without the time block of 45 minutes, which is evident in the first money glitch (above).

For further assistance, check out the video below: