GTA 5 Online: Possible Heist DLC Delay, Release Date Window and Hipster Update
GTA 5 Online: Possible Heist DLC Delay, Release Date Window and Hipster Update

The GTA 5 Heist DLC release date speculation has for long been in the spotlight and discerning gamers are worried if Rockstar will keep its promise of rolling out the highly-anticipated Heists update within the specified period, as 20 June will be the last day of spring this year.

With just nine days left for the end of spring, Rockstar finds itself in a quagmire as it has to hurriedly release the Heists DLC in order to live up to its promise.

Besides, the game developer has to announce the Heists DLC release in the next few days if it intends to release the DLC as part of its spring updates.

Also, 17 June happens to be the last Tuesday for this spring season and hence the DLC announcement may happen on or before this date as Rockstar favours big DLC releases and game update announcements on Tuesdays.

Since the DLC release has not yet been announced, we might expect the Heists to release on 20 June with a highly-probable announcement on 17 June.

Rockstar had recently shut down its online servers for maintenance from 7 June through 11 June, which also hints at a probable Heist DLC preparation to patch up glitches in the game.

Will Heists DLC Release on or Before 20 June?

According to the tipster, DomisLive, Rockstar is unlikely to disappoint its loyal fans and we should see the Heists DLC by 20 June.

Dom also suggests that though there was an initial delay with the Heists DLC announcement, Rockstar has a pre-determined date set for its release. Thus, GTA fans can rest assured that there will not be any further delays and the Heists DLC for GTA 5 will surely come as promised by the game developer.

To further strengthen this theory of imminent release of the Heists DLC, the tipster points to the recent flood of leaks pertaining to various mods such as Infinity UFO Mod glitch and random Bigfoot mod glitch which are reportedly being fixed as part of recent maintenance updates.

Will Heists DLC or Hipster DLC Release First?

The other big question doing the rounds on the internet is whether the recently leaked Hipster DLC will come out first or if the Hipster update will be part of the bigger Heists DLC or if both the DLCs will see a simultaneous release.

The tipster notes that the Hipster update will be the first DLC to come out and the chances of the Heists DLC being part of this update cannot be ruled out either.

This sounds to be true, especially considering the fact that Business update and High-Life update brought several new cars, clothing, properties and more as part of the game title update which also included fixes, tweaks and new gameplay features such as capture creator.

Recently, details of the Hipster update surfaced online through the game source code which was briefly uploaded to the Xbox marketplace before Microsoft decided to take it down. The tipster notes that this another big reason why the Hipster update is likely to release ahead of the Heists DLC.