GTA 5 Online PS4 Gameplay: Top four leaked Cops n Crooks (CnC) DLC missions, Heist QnA and New Map DLC
GTA 5 Online PS4 Gameplay: Top four leaked Cops n Crooks (CnC) DLC missions, Heist QnA and New Map DLC Rockstar Games

Renowned YouTuber, DomisLive (aka Dom), has revealed some interesting details about the top four leaked Cops n Crooks (CnC) DLC missions for GTA 5 in his latest video, apart from sharing some titbits regarding New Map DLC and answers to recent fan queries about the impending Heist DLC for GTA Online.

The latest leaked information about the top four CnC DLC missions comes from discerning GTA 5 tipster, fmw2, who has shared this interesting piece of info with Dom.

The select CnC DLC missions have been classified into the top-four category based on the gameplay elements and leaked game description for each of these missions.

Prison Van Rescue CnC Mission

First of the lot in the select list is the Prison Van Rescue CnC mission whose description reads as follows:

"Criminals must intercept a news van that is driven by NPCs to free a gang member and then take him back to the gang-house."

In other words, one of your team mates would play the role of the imprisoned gang member and it's your mission to rescue and take him back to the gang-house unharmed.

Tip #1: Expect some trouble on your way back to the gang-house, as you are likely to face stiff resistance from the cops in their bid to avert the rescue operation.

Weapons Deal CnC Mission

This mission entrusts you with the task of carrying out a sting operation to recover the hostage and taking him to the designated police station.

Basically, the motto of the mission is to trade a hostage or a wanted criminal for weapons and cash with the cops.

Your task is to intervene in the weapons deal and capture the target as hostage, before the situation gets out of hand.

Hostage Deal CnC Mission

The players' job is to recover a hostage from being transferred between NPC gangs.

The cops are asked to go to the designated place and take their positions just outside the mission area and wait… while the bikers are destined with the task of recovering the hostage and moving them to a new gang-house.

Meanwhile, the cops must intercept the bikers and free the hostage from the gangsters.

Stealing Artefacts from the Military Base

The last mission is to steal an artefact from the base, whose mission description reads as follows:

"Vikings gang members have to steal an artefact from the military base, while cops are required to secure the item and bring it back to the army base."

Lawson sea members hear about the stolen artefact and try to ambush the rivals before they can bring it back.

In related news, the same YouTuber has answered some of the most interesting fan queries related to the upcoming Heist DLC, while also shedding some light on the New Map DLC for GTA Online in his eleventh edition of the QnA series for the game.

Here are excerpts of some exciting fan queries from the eleventh edition of Dom's QnA series for GTA 5:

Future of GTA 5 for Last-Gen Consoles (PS3 and Xbox 360)

In response to one fan query about the future of GTA 5 for last-gen consoles, Dom points out that the game developer has done equal justice to both current and last-gen console gamers, especially given the release announcement of highly-anticipated Heists DLC for all gaming platforms in GTA Online.

Dom's Future and Career with YouTube

Dom also talks extensively about the future of his career with YouTube, while addressing a curious fan query regarding this future career prospects and the possibility of moving on to other video game previews including tips and tricks via YouTube.

Another fan query hints at the possibility that Dom could start one more video channel on YouTube after his long-awaited face is revealed. However, Dom clarifies that he would rather go on a long vacation than getting busy with more work.

GTA 5's Success Formula vs Watch Dogs Downfall

The most intellect of the fan queries digs info about GTA 5's success formula and why it has survived longer than the Watch Dogs.

Dom admits that GTA 5 is played on a whole new level being a completely superior game in contrast to Watch Dogs, given its enormous open-world gameplay with abundance of support for installing mods and increasing the replay value of the game unlike the latter.

Heists vs New Map DLC

Another interesting fan query asks Dom to choose the best between Heists and New Map DLC, wherein Dom chooses brand new cars on a brand new map with a host of new custom missions as well as brand new clothing for NPCs, but he concludes that Heists would definitely be the ultimate DLC for GTA 5.

Check out more such intimidating fan queries about Dom's dream career and more in the video below: