GTA 5 Online: Top 5 Most Anticipated DLCs - Heist, Pets, Zombies and More
GTA 5 Online: Top 5 Most Anticipated DLCs - Heist, Pets, Zombies and More Rockstar Games

With Rockstar promising to bring more DLC content for GTA Online in its recent statement on Newswire, the GTA community is speculating the various possible DLCs that may be in the works for GTA 5 in the near future.

Discerning GTA 5 tipster, DomisLive (aka Dom), has showcased some of the most anticipated DLCs for GTA Online in his latest video on YouTube.

Heists Update

GTA 5 Online: Top 5 Most Anticipated DLCs - Heist, Pets, Zombies and More

First up on the list is the king of all DLCs, Heists Update, as it has been in the rumour spotlight ever since GTA 5 was released in September 2013 for Xbox 360 and PS3.

With Rockstar recently confirming the delay in the release of the Heists update, it is almost confirmed that it will be released before the re-mastered edition of GTA 5 comes out for PC and next-gen consoles in Fall.

Take a look at the leaked description that details the gameplay elements for the long overdue Heists Update for GTA Online:

"The time has come – all your experiences have led up to this. It's here. Posse up with your crew and prepare to take down some of the biggest scores in the new Heists update. With four all new Heist missions: The Ornate Bank Heist, Blaine County Bank Robbers, The Money Train, and capping it all off with the epic Maze Bank Takedown. Included with this update three new weapons, the Marston revolver, the Military Carbine, and many more. If you're feeling more morally inclined, take to the skies and chase down the robbers in the brand new Attack Helicopter!"

The Pets Update

The Pets update is right on top of the priority list for DLC content in GTA Online as gamers have been clamouring for the ability to own pets and train them as guardians/companions in GTA Online.

Here is a brief description about the long rumoured Pets update for GTA Online:

"Have your favourite companion by your side in the pets update for Grand Theft Auto 5. Go to the pet store and get your favourite animal, ranging from Labradors to wild coyotes. From then on the choice is yours to breed, train, or play with them. Someone trying to ruin your day? Your pet will attack other players on command, making your day a bit easier. Pet feeling sick? Take him to the vet to fix him up. The healthier he is, the more fear he puts into your foes."

North Yankton DLC

Next up on the list is the North Yankton DLC which has been constantly making the rounds on the internet as several leaked images with brief gameplay description have recently surfaced online through unknown sources.

The leaked description for North Yankton DLC reads as follows:

"Explore the Frozen Town of North Yankton in the North Yankton update. By going to the airport, you can now buy yourself a ticket to get to North Yankton, a town where it's always snowing. Just like San Andreas, you have the ability to make races, deathmatches, and captures in North Yankton with the creator, then publish them to the social club. With this new town comes 16 new missions and 45 new clothing items to warm yourself up. Entire new town, endless possibilities".

With traces of source code related to North Yankton maps and DLC content already found in leaked game files, it is likely that Rockstar will include the North Yankton map and related gameplay as part of its upcoming DLC releases.

The Zombie Apocalypse Update

The Zombie DLC (aka Zombie Apocalypse update) has for long been rumoured for release in GTA Online, as leaked Zombie costumes and mods have been frequently surfacing online via YouTube videos.

Here is the leaked description about the highly-anticipated Zombie Apocalypse update for GTA Online:

"Enter the apocalypse with the Zombie Apocalypse update. The all new Horde gamemode allows you to enter the apocalypse. The main goal is to survive, which is much easier with the new .44 Magnum and the Spiked Baseball bat. Dress up as a zombie and scare your enemies with 3 new outfits, and over 50 new clothing items. Turn your weapon into a zombie with the zombie weapon camo. Travelling is a breeze in the apocalypse with the brand new armoured car."

The Zombie Apocalypse update should definitely bring a new lease of life for veteran gamers of the franchise who have already exhausted playing every single mission in GTA 5 and GTA Online.

The Street Racing Update

As GTA 5 is brimming with a host of brand new super cars being introduced with every new title update, a Street Racing Update would surely add a new dimension to the gangster themed and crime infested action-RPG game.

Check out the brief gameplay description of the eagerly-awaited Street Racing Update below:

"Pimp out your cars to the max with the Street Racing Update. Customise your car like never before: Neon lights, dashboard, steering wheels, decals, seats, and car vinyl are all customisable. Customise some real street cars like the new Nissan Skyline GT-R R32, or the Pentroof Nissan Skyline GT-R R34, and get sponsored by one of 30 sponsors, ranging from Los Santos Customs to Maze Bank. Make your ride go the speed of light with the new NOS customisation, and never lose a race again."

Please let us know if you think Rockstar should include any other DLCs that we have left out, in the comments section below.