Avid GTA 5 PC gamers can now enjoy the Tokyo Drift Mod which is inspired by the popular Fast and Furious movie, with due credit to renowned YouTuber iCrazyTeddy, who has recently uploaded a gameplay video depicting the Drift Mod in action.

Before you take off with your favourite rig for a ride with the Drift Mod, it is quintessential to make some modifications to the front and rear bumper at the Los Santos Customs, besides adding new custom exhausts and grilles to the car to suit your taste. Some of these modifications will help in improving the aerodynamic capabilities of your car.

You could either pick a fast sports car or a super car for this purpose, as they are ideal for drifting with lighter handling than muscle cars. Adding 100% armour to your car would be a cool proposition as drifting involves taking some risks and more armour means more protection to your expensive car.

Once you have fully customised your car at the LS Customs just drive your car outside and enable the Drift Mode using the Drift Mod, which can be downloaded here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/ls-drift.

The mod is known as the LS Drift - Drifting Mod that comes with Added Controller Support as well as support for Numpad or arrow keys for laptop users.

If you are new to installing Mods on PC, here are the steps:

  1. Download ScripthookV.dll here http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/ and place it in your GTA V directory.
  2. Download LS Drift and place LSDrift.asi and LSDrift.ini in your GTA V directory.
  3. When in game press F3 or RB+A to open the menu and navigate the menu with the Numpad or Arrow Keys (Change keys in LSDrift.ini).

Once you are done installing the Drift Mod on your PC, just press and hold Left Shift to start drifting and all you have got to do is just control the directions on your joystick, keyboard or gamepad controller. Tip #1:You don't even have to brake to get a clean drift, when Drift Mode is enabled.

Tip #2: Just drive your car to the nearest airport, as you can better control the drift on isolated runways rather than on busy roads where you often get stuck or hit by the oncoming traffic.

Check out the Drift Mod in action, in the gameplay video posted below: